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‘The Young and the Restless’ Episode Recap for Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Despite Abby’s warning about not talking to the media about Devon, Tucker called an impromptu press conference to officially announce his newly-found fatherhood. He told Ashley that if he threw the press a bone now by making a statement about Devon, it would hopefully keep the media at bay for a while.

Devon was shocked when his biological mother Yolanda, now going by the name Harmony, showed up at his door. He immediately concluded that she came back to Genoa City looking for handout, now that he was officially a rich man. Harmony insisted she only wanted to help Devon get through this and answer any questions she could about what happened all those years ago with Tucker. Devon chastised his mother for her bad choices and said he was the one who was now paying for her past indiscretions. While Harmony and Devon were arguing, Abby showed up to offer her support to Devon. Harmony said she would let them talk but wanted Devon to know she was there for him. After Harmony left, Abby realized that her mom is married to Devon’s dad… “Does that make us step brother and sister,” she asked Devon, who angrily answered that Neil was his real father and nothing has changed that.

At the hospital, Katherine insisted to her doctors that she was better. The doctors reluctantly decided to send her home to recuperate. Meanwhile, Jill tried to sneak around and move Colin back into the Chancellor mansion, but reconsidered when she learned Katherine was coming home. She told Colin she wanted to be with him but was afraid Katherine might have another episode if Colin was a permanent fixture at the house. Colin was disappointed but said he understood.

With Ashley by his side, Tucker answered questions from the media and then asked that he and Devon be given the privacy the need as father and son try to get to know each other better. Devon and Abby watched the press conference, as did Katherine, Brock and Murphy. Devon screamed at his computer screen that he wanted nothing to do with Tucker, while Katherine remarked that a selfish Tucker was trying to make himself look like a concerned son when he was asked questions about Katherine’s recent illness. Determined to legally recognize Devon as her grandson, Katherine signed a new will to include the young man – even though Katherine said she knew Devon wanted nothing to do with her.

During the press conference, Tucker also made a statement that he was willing to consider offers to buy Jabot, which sent a Jabot-obsessed Jack into a complete tailspin. Jack stormed off to confront Tucker, but ran into his sis Ashley, who asked her brother not to turn this personal moment into a business takeover sideshow. Jack warned Ashley that until he had a signed contract from Tucker that he is selling him Jabot, he doesn’t trust his brother-in-law one bit. As Tucker was leaving the press conference, Devon’s biological mother – and Tucker’s long-ago one-night stand – arrived at the Genoa City Athletic Club. She made her way through the crowd to try to talk to Tucker, but he was quickly ushered out by bodyguards before she would say anything.

Neil and Malcolm both stayed with Sophia as she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. It was obvious they were all wondering the same thing, “Who’s the father?” Neil looked on as Sophia held the baby. Malcolm offered to take photos of the boy over the next few days. Just as the three were enjoying a prideful moment – because either way, the kid is related to both of the Winters men – a nurse interrupted and announced she was there to take cheek swabs for the DNA test.

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