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"The Bold and the Beautiful" Synopsis, May 13-17, 2013


Scott Clifton
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff /Getty Images
Here is what happened last week on "The Bold and the Beautiful":

Monday, May 13, 2013
Liam makes final preparations to have a romantic evening alone with his wife but then gets a phone call that changes everything. Steffy was brought into the ER, following an accident. Liam rushes to her side and she is okay, but but still unconscious. What about the baby? Dr. Meade looks grim. Heartbroken from her conversation with Steffy, Hope is comforted by Brooke who encourages her to find love again. Hope acknowledges that Oliver would be a great guy to move on with, but she isn’t ready yet. Not letting on about his plan of attack, Bill assures Caroline that there is a future for her and Rick. He has discovered that Maya's parole is conditional upon her not being in touch with Jesse Graves, her baby daddy. Bill plans to get the two of them together and then show a photo to the judge.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
With his mind set on pursuing a relationship with Maya, Rick invites her on a date to a club that evening. Knowing that Maya will be at the club, Bill arranges with Alison for Maya to bump into her ex-boyfriend and father of her child, Jesse. Alison bribes Jesse to make contact with Maya that night. At first he turns her down, but then she offers him $10,000 -- half up front just to talk to her. It is an offer he can't refuse. Hearing about Rick’s date, Caroline arranges to be there, as well, to ensure that nothing romantic happens between Rick and Maya. Rick tells Caroline, the woman he wants is Maya -- and he is going to keep telling Caroline that until she accepts they are over.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Hope explains to Thomas her feelings regarding Steffy and Liam’s marriage. The doctor tests Steffy's memory, and she doesn't seem to remember being pregnant. Bill arrives at the hospital and Liam tells him that Steffy lost the baby but she hasn't asked about it yet. Liam returns to Steffy's hospital room to try to ease her into remembering. Bill gives Alison instructions on what to do when she sees Jesse and Maya interacting at the club. Othello interrogates Rick on whether or not he has made a decision about which lady that he wants to be with. Rick explains he told Caroline, he wants to be with Maya, but then with Maya looking on, Caroline makes Rick order them some champagne and pulls him out on the dance floor. Caroline goes to great lengths to keep Rick and Maya apart. Maya is blindsided when she runs into her ex-boyfriend, Jesse.

Thursday, May 16, 2013
Unaware that their child is deceased, Jesse makes an offer to Maya to run away with him, their daughter, and his newly acquired money. He keeps trying to convince her that he has changed. Hope takes a surprising stance in support of Steffy and Liam’s marriage. Rick makes an unsuccessful attempt to tell Caroline how he feels about Maya. Caroline tells Rick that she thinks there is another side to Maya that they do not know about. Jesse starts to get suspicious and asks Alison what this meeting with Maya is really about. Both Caroline and Jesse are heartbroken to witness a tender kiss between Rick and Maya. Liam asks Steffy if she remembers their plans for a barbecue. He says that because of an accident on Pacific Coast Highway causing long delays, she decided to ride her motorcycle instead of taking the car -- and she, too, had an accident. Steffy finally remembers she was pregnant and breaks into tears, realizing she lost her baby.

Friday, May 17, 2013
Donna grills Brooke on how she is going to continue to keep her night with Bill a secret. She can't hid her pregnancy forever. Brooke adamantly rejects Donna’s suggestion to tell the truth and comes up with another plan to hide her night of passion with Bill. Brooke says she plans to keep the baby and hopes that Katie will never find out. When Eric returns, he asks Brooke to help him by modeling the lingerie from her Bedroom Line. She tells him she can't; she is pregnant. Taylor expresses her gratitude to Eric for being such a supportive and loving person to her and her family. Bill gives Liam advice on his marriage.

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