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"The Bold and the Beautiful Recap," June 3-7, 2013


If you missed an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, here is a brief recap to catch you up:

Monday, June 3
Seeing Liam interacting with Will makes Steffy want to try even harder for another baby. She shares that with Katie, who tells her she may be ready to get pregnant again, but she’s not sure Liam is. Katie also points out that Liam was forced to marry her because she was carrying his child. It was obvious, he was about to commit to Hope when Steffy showed up and dropped the bombshell. Steffy doesn't deal well with what Katie is saying, and she passes out. At the same time, Bill is counseling Liam to bite the bullet and go home and make another baby with his wife. Unwilling to be bullied any longer, Maya stands up to Bill in regards to his blackmail. As expected, Bill doesn’t take Maya not adhering to his demands lightly. Rick is dumbfounded as to why Maya ended her relationship with him. Despite being rejected by Rick, Caroline is happy to finally have Maya out of the way and she tells her so. Caroline asks Maya why she changed her mind about Rick and wondersif that mean Maya is also going to leave Forrester. Maya says she isn't sure. Hasn't made up her mind.

Tuesday, June 4
Feeling as though time is against her, Brooke makes a desperate plea to Eric to claim paternity of her child. Knowing that her pregnancy will be showing soon, Brooke relinquishes her role of being the model for Brooke’s Bedroom. The media is dismayed and curious about Brooke’s decision. Katie becomes a supportive shoulder when Steffy’s plan for the future hits a roadblock.

Wednesday, June 5
Steffy refuses to believe the news that because of her DNC, she can never conceive again. Dr. Caspary says that they never say never in medicine, but it doesn't look hopeful. Steffy is adamant that the doctors come up with a solution to her problem. She insists she is not going to leave the hospital until she is whole again. Dr. Caspary calls in the surgeon, who tells Steffy that her DNC was by the book. It is just that there are some women's bodies who react badly to the procedure. Katie gives her a hug and tries to be encouraging. Bill begins to get suspicious as to why Brooke suddenly backed out of modeling for Brooke’s Bedroom. Bill advises Liam to forgive Steffy and to live up to his wedding vows. Taylor interrogates Eric about what he knows about Brooke’s recent change in behavior. Brooke goes to great lengths to get Eric to agree to help her by recreating an important moment from their past.

Thursday, June 6
Brooke uses her feminine wiles in an attempt to convince Eric to go along with her plan to hide the true paternity of her child. Hope catches Liam alone and since neither one has plans, they talk. She tells him she understands he is hurting but she knows things will get better. He said even though Steffy's pregnancy wasn't planned, he was ready to be a father. Hope tells him one day he will be -- and a terrific one at that. He needs time to grieve and then decide what he wants. He says thinking about it only makes it worse. Steffy finds compassion from an unlikely source -- Katie, who stuck by her through the whole doctor's appointment. Thomas and Taylor have a heart-to-heart talk about family, business, love and Brooke.

Friday, June 7
Eric sympathetically urges Brooke to open up to Bill and tell him the truth about her pregnancy. He insists he will not raise another man's son and that someday, Katie will understand what happened. Brooke begins to ponder his suggestion. Taylor presses Rick for information regarding Brooke’s out-of-character actions. This conversation also piques Rick’s suspicions about what is going on with Brooke. Katie and Bill share a fun-loving afternoon together with their son. Bill gifts her with a coupon for dance lessons, but he insists it is their secret. They are dancing when Brooke walks in and Katie insists she join them. Brooke tells Bill and Katie that she has something important to tell them, but she starts to get ill. Bill goes to get her water, and once again Brooke says she has to tell Katie something. Bill looks worried that Brooke is going to spill the beans about their one night of passion.

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