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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Episode Recap for October 26, 2011


‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Episode Recap for October 26, 2011

If Jackie has anything to say about it, Brooke and Nick will be getting a marriage do-over.

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Brooke and Rick talked about Hope’s situation and Rick was disgusted to learn that nothing has changed between Hope and Liam, even after Hope told Liam she came to Aspen to tell him she still loved him. Brooke said that when Liam confronted Steffy about conniving to get Liam to marry her, she denied everything.

Ridge told Brooke he would not interfere with Steffy and Liam’s marriage and said they should support Hope’s desire to move on. Rick wasn’t sure Ridge was giving his mother the attention she deserved when she voiced her concerns over Hope and Liam. Ridge told Brooke and Rick that in-fighting doesn’t help anyone and that the Forresters can’t afford to lose their stability within the family or the business. Ridge reminded them that they have so much they can accomplish if they all work together. Brooke said she couldn’t argue with that. After Brooke left, Rick stayed to confront Ridge, but before he could say anything, Ridge told Rick he understood his need to defend his sister Hope. Before they could discuss it further, Eric walked in and wanted to know why Thorne had called a meeting. Ridge replied that he was guessing his little brother wanted to get some things off his chest. When Rick asked what was going on, Ridge informed Rick it was nothing for him to worry about.

Thorne met with Thomas and http://soaps.about.com/od/listsandtrivia/tp/backfromdead.htm Taylor about how to proceed with Taylor’s involvement in Forrester Creations and the Hope for the Future line. Thorne told Taylor that difficult decisions were going to have to be made now that Taylor controlled Stephanie’s voting interest in the company. Thorne said Ridge had made terrible decisions with the company and his family in recent months and it was time to take action. Thorne revealed his plan to meet with Eric and Ridge, but Taylor didn’t feel it was necessary for her to be present. Thorne disagreed and said Taylor needed to be there, but Thomas and Steffy should stay out of it for now. Thorne was adamant that they needed to figure out what the plan is now for the Thomas and Steffy and the future of Forrester Creations. Thorne thought it was imperative that they shake things up.

Jackie and Nick met for lunch and discussed how neither of them have enough happiness in their lives. Nick worried about Jackie now that she had given Owen up so he could be with his son and Bridget. Jackie told Nick he didn’t need to worry about her love life because she was more worried about his. Jackie annoyed Nick by bringing up his former relationship with Brooke and said he needed to get a little romance back in his life.

Later, Nick ran into Brooke at the restaurant and the two caught up on all their latest family problems. They talked about Bridget and how Jackie and Owen had broken up so he could be with his son. Brooke confided in Nick about the Hope-Liam-Steffy mess. When Brooke filled Nick in on Steffy’s plotting, he agreed with Brooke that Liam was obviously tricked into marriage. Brooke told Nick that Ridge was not on board with Brooke wanting to get involved. Nick related to Brooke how Jackie had been nagging him about being single. Brooke reassured Nick that he would find someone because he was a loyal, caring thoughtful, devoted family man.

Back at Forrester Rick went to see Thomas and wanted to know what was going on with this upcoming meeting between Thorne, Ridge, Taylor and Eric. Thomas reminded Rick that Taylor is now a voting member of the board and she had every right to be in on any decisions that were made regarding Forrester Creations. Rick wondered what Thorne was up to and Thomas said Thorne wanted to make some changes about how things were run. Rick said Thorne didn’t call the shots, but Thomas said that was exactly the kind of thing Thorne wanted to change. Thomas then stuck it to Rick by telling him that between him, Taylor and Steffy, they have controlling interest in the company. “Where does that leave you?” Thomas asked Rick.

Ridge was surprised to see Taylor at his meeting with Thorne and Eric and quickly concluded that Thorne was trying to use his new romance with Taylor to influence her interests in Forrester. Ridge told Thorne that if he wanted to make changes, he needed to call a legitimate board meeting to present his ideas. Thorne said he wanted this to be a more informal meeting that would help them cement a new plan for Forrester’s success. Eric chimed in that he wasn’t aware they needed a new plan. Ridge wondered why Thorne didn’t bring Steffy and Thomas to the meeting. Thorne said he didn’t want to put them on the spot, but Ridge said it was because Thorne knew it would be difficult for Steffy and Thomas to take sides against their own father. Thorne shot back that Ridge had kept his children down for too long, that he put too much emphasis on the Hope for the Future line instead of supporting Steffy’s line and didn’t reboot the successful Taboo line to punish Thomas.

Ridge and Taylor locked eyes and Ridge asked if that’s why she was there – to vote Ridge out and turn control of the company over to Thorne. Taylor told Ridge she was not trying to stage a coup but just wanted to support Thorne and the issues he wanted to bring up about the company. Ridge deduced that Thorne’s problems were less with the company than with him. Ridge told Thorne to let him have it because he didn’t want to have this conversation again. Thorne informed Ridge that this was not about him but about what was best for the company, the family and the mother of Ridge’s children. Thorne threatened that in the end, it was Taylor’s call, but he hoped it wouldn’t come to that. Thorne brought up the fact that Eric had given everything to Ridge, even though he is not even Eric’s real son. Eric defended Ridge and said he had earned the CEO position and had done a good job. Thorne said that was once true but that Ridge was taking the company down the wrong path and that they needed fresh blood like Steffy and Thomas.

Ridge asked Taylor if she was going to side with Thorne and try to kick Ridge out as CEO so Thorne could take his place. Ridge couldn’t believe Taylor would trust their children’s legacy to Thorne and then asked her point blank, “Who are you loyal to, him or me?”

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