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The Inside Scoop on Telemundo's 'Santa Diabla' Novela


Actors Carlos Ponce, Ximena Duque, Gaby Espino and Aaron Diaz attend the Telemundo press annoucement for 'Santa Diabla'.
Vincent Sandoval / WireImage / Getty Images

Plot Overview:

Starring Gaby Espino, Aarón Díaz and Carlos Ponce, alongside Ximena Duque and a stellar supporting cast, this telenovela tells the story of Santa Martínez (Espino), a woman of humble origins who has been forced to live through a nightmare and spends her time plotting the perfect revenge, never thinking that love will be the only thing that may disrupt her plans.



Broadcast History:

Premiere date: Tuesday, August 6 at 10 p.m. ET/PT/9 Central.


Gaby Espino as Amanda Braun
Aaron Diaz as Santiago Cano
Carlos Ponce as Humberto Cano
Wanda D'Isidoro as Bárbara Cano
Ezequiel Montalt as Georges Milan
Lis Vega as Lisette Guerrero
Alberich Bormann as Iván Cano (18 years old)
Ana Osorio as Daniela Milan (16 years old)
Fred Valle as Gaspar Cano
Arianne Pellicer as Francisca De Cano
Luis Caballero as Carlos Coletti
Jeimy Osorio as Mara Lozano
Zully Montero as Horetensia De Santana
Eduardo Orozco as Arturo Santana
Virna Flores as Paula Delgado
Ximena Duque as Inés Robledo
Raul Izaguirre as Vicente Robledo (60 years old)
Javier Valcarcel as Pancho Robledo (30 years old)
Kenya Hijuelos as Lucy Medina
Beatriz Valdes as Begoña Flores
Gerardo Riveron as Milton Reverte
Maria Raquenel as Tránsito


Santa Diabla broadcasts in Spanish, but it is closed captioned in CC3 in English so all soap lovers can watch!

Social Media:

Viewers can obtain exclusive content on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SantaDiablaTV and follow the show on Twitter: @SantaDiablaTV.

Additional Information:

Santa Martinez is a beautiful woman, who was born and raised in Marrero, the small town, where she married her lifelong boyfriend, Willy Delgado, and had a son they named Willy, Jr.

However, Santa's life is about to change forever. Willy is hired to teach private music lessons to Daniela, the teenage granddaughter of Gaspar Cano, one of the town's most powerful lawyers and owner of a vast fortune. This is a great opportunity for Willy since he will earn a very good salary, allowing for a better quality of life for his entire family. Santa and Willy celebrate the beginning of good times, but unfortunately for them, things are about to take a deadly turn.

Barbara Cano, Daniela's mother and a woman who enjoys seducing men to assert her beauty, becomes obsessed with Willy -- to the point that it becomes dangerous for him. Despite being a married woman, Barbara stops at nothing to gain Willy's attention. Things get even more complicated for Willy when he discovers that Daniela is using drugs.

When she is exposed, the girl explodes in anger and hatred. So Daniela and Barbara decide to take revenge and get rid of the music teacher. They begin to complain that Willy has been harassing Daniela, and they make up a story to make him look like a depraved stalker. Desperate, Willy tells Santa that he is completely innocent, a fact she never doubted, and together they face this situation with the truth.

However, Willy feels that the trap Barbara has set for him is inescapable, so he asks Santa to leave the country with their son to avoid becoming victims of the sham as well. The chain of lies and false evidence that Barbara and her family put together in order to destroy him are just too great to overcome. Against her will, Santa flees the country and leaves Willy facing his uncertain fate.

Willy is sentenced to 30 years in prison. Santa returns, devastated with the outcome. Through regular visits to the imprisoned Willy, she manages to infuse him with the spirit needed to forge ahead and never give up. One day, Santa and Willy receive the joyful news that there is an opportunity for the judge to review Willy's sentence and for them to present new evidence to prove his innocence.

Upon learning of the possibility that Willy might regain his freedom, Humberto Cano -- Barbara's brother, Daniela's uncle and the prosecutor in the case -- fears that the trumped up charges may be revealed to the public, bringing about hugely negative consequences for his family, so Humberto makes a treacherous decision: to have Willy killed inside the prison.

One day, when Santa and Willy Jr. go to visit Willy, Santa is informed that Willy has been killed. The tragic news brings Santa's world crumbling down, and she is overcome by sorrow.

However, Santa has her doubts about the nature of Willy's untimely death. She vows to uncover the truth behind it and get revenge on all those who were part of the lie that destroyed her family. She develops a master plan that includes taking revenge on each and everyone in the Cano family. She takes on a fake identity as Amanda and schemes to win the heart of Humberto Cano, to make him fall in love with her, so she can exact her payback. She wants Humberto falsely accused of a crime and to face an unfair trial, just like Willy did.

Amanda also plans to humiliate Barbara, destroy her marriage and separate her from her son, so that she suffers the same way Santa suffered. For Georges, Barbara's husband, Amanda's revenge is to make him pay in jail for all his dirty deeds. Amanda wants to force Daniela to confess that everything was a lie, that Willy never touched her, and that she deceived everyone. And as for Francisca, Barbara and Humberto's mother, Amanda wants to see her ruined; she wants Francisca to lose everything and face old age in total poverty.

Amanda is willing to do everything to carry out her plan. But Amanda was not counting on the fact that love would, once again, knock on her door when she meets Santiago, the third Cano sibling, who is a charming, attractive and seductive musician, and a man who steals her heart from the first moment they meet.

While it is true that Santiago is innocent of the entire malicious plan to destroy Willy, he is still a member of the Cano family, so hated by Santa. Her plan for revenge will be jeopardized when she realizes that an attack on the family would also threaten the man she loves.

What decision will Santa Diabla make as she seeks justice, while discovering a new opportunity to be happy?

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