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The Inside Scoop on Telemundo's 'Avenida Brasil' Novela

A Profile of Avenida Brasil



Debora Falabella


Murilo Benecio



Plot Overview:

Avenida Brasil is the story of how cruelty and ambition change the life of a girl, who was cast aside by her evil stepmother, and later seeks out revenge for the wrong done to her.



Broadcast History:

Premiere date in the U.S.: Monday, January 6 at 12pm/11am Central

Avenida Brasil originally premiered on March 26, 2012 and ended on October 19, 2012 on Rede Globo in Brazil. The series was nominated for an International Emmy in 2013 in the Outstanding Telenovela category.


Débora Falabella as Nina García Hernández (Rita Fonseca de Souza)
Adriana Esteves as Carminha (Carmem Lúcia Moreira de Araújo)
Murilo Benício as Tufão (Jorge Araújo)
Cauã Reymond as Jorge "Jorginho" de Souza Araújo (Batata)
Marcello Novaes as Max (Maxwell Oliveira)
Eliane Giardini as Muricy Araújo
Marcos Caruso as Leleco Araújo
Letícia Isnard as Ivana Araújo
Juca de Oliveira as Santiago Moreira
Vera Holtz as Lucinda Oliveira
Ísis Valverde as Suelen
Alexandre Borges as Cadinho (Carlos Eduardo de Souza Queirós)
José de Abreu as Nilo Oliveira
Juliano Cazarré as Adauto
Cacau Protásio as Zezé
Cláudia Missura as Janaína
Débora Bloch  as Vêronica Magalhães Queirós
Carolina Ferraz as Alexia Bragança
Camila Morgado as Noêmia Buarque
Heloísa Périssé as Monalisa Barbosa
Nathalia Dill as Débora Magalhães Queirós
Débora Nascimento as Tessália
Thiago Martins as Leandro
Daniel Rocha Azevedo as Roniquito "Roni"
Fabíula Nascimento as Olenka Cabral
Bruno Gissoni as Iran Barbosa
Emiliano D'Ávila as Lúcio
Ailton Graça as Paulo Silas
Otávio Augusto as Diógenes
Bianca Comparato as Betânia
Betty Faria as Pilar Albuquerque
Carol Abras as Begônia Garcia
Luana Martau  as Beverly
Felipe Abib as Jimmy Bastos
Paula Burlamaqui as Dolores Neiva (Soninha Catatau)
Ronny Kriwat as Tomás Buarque
André Luiz Miranda as Valentim
Murilo Elbas as Branco
Patrícia de Jesus as Jéssica
Ana Karolina Lanne as Ágatha Moreira Araújo
Bruna Griphao as Paloma Bragança
Tony Ramos as Genésio Fonseca Souza
Mel Maia as Rita Fonseca de Souza (child)
Bernardo Simões as Batata (child)
Jean Pierre Noher as Martin Garcia


Avenida Brasil broadcasts in Spanish, but it is closed captioned in CC3 in English so all soap lovers can watch!

Social Media:

Viewers can follow Avenida Brasil on Facebook/AvenidaBrasilUS and follow @AvenidaBrasilUS on Twitter. 

Additional Information:

The worldwide telenovela hit Avenida Brasil makes its U.S. television debut on Monday, January 6 at Noon ET/PT and 11 a.m. Central. The novela has previously aired in more than 120 countries and in 17 languages.

Avenida Brasil follows the fate of a young girl orphaned by her stepmother's greed. Abandoned in a garbage dump, she meets the boy who will grow to be the love of her life, but the two are separated when they are adopted by different families and given new names.  They never imagine that destiny will bring them back together as adults when she takes a job as a cook in the home of the evil woman who gave her up for adoption, and reencounter each other years later.

Starring the internationally renowned Murilo Benício (El Clon), Avenida Brasil is the dramatic story of Rita (Débora Falabella), who struggles to recover the birthright stolen from her by her stepmother, Carminha (Adriana Esteves).  After Rita's father dies under suspicious circumstances, Carminha and her lover, Max (Marcello Novaes), send the girl to live at the garbage dump so she won't interfere with their get-rich schemes. 

There, Rita is forced to work under a cruel man named Nilo (José de Abreu), but she has the fortune to meet Batata (Eduardo Simões), a young boy who becomes her best friend and true love.  He takes her to live with the other children at the dump until they are adopted, each by a different family: she by a loving couple that takes her to live abroad, renaming her Nina; and he by Carminha and Tifón (Murilo Benício), who call him Jorgito (Cauã Reymond). 

Years later, Nina tracks down Carminha and talks her way into a job as the family's cook to pursue her plans for revenge.  Once inside the household, she is stunned to discover that she and Carminha have something very important in common: Their love for Jorgito, Nina's childhood friend and soul mate and Carminha's adopted son. 

Avenida Brasil was created by João Emanuel Carneiro.

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