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‘The Young and the Restless’ Recap for Friday, October 21, 2011


‘The Young and the Restless’ Recap for Friday, October 21, 2011

After Cane saved Lily, she finally forgave him and the star-crossed couple got back together.


Cane rescued Lily from Genevieve’s mansion just before there was an explosion. Lily asked Cane what he was doing there and Cane revealed that Colin had put a hit out on Genevieve and Gloria and that he was there to stop it. Cane told Lily he had been working with the authorities to bring down Colin. Ronin told Lily that if it hadn’t been for Cane, they wouldn’t have been able to finally get the evidence they needed to put Colin away. Ronin told Lily her husband was a hero. Lily was shocked to see Chance, who admitted he had been working the case with Ronin, the FBI and the Australian authorities. Ronin and Chance explained that the scope of the case was much larger than anyone thought and that Colin had been dealing with a drug trade in the Middle East. It turned out it they had all been setting up a very intricate sting operation. Cane told Lily he had been working with the FBI even before his twin brother Caleb’s death on the steps of the church all those months ago. Ronin informed Lily that if Cane had broken protocol, many lives would have been put in danger. Lily finally realized why Cane couldn’t tell her what was really going on.

Jack and Genevieve were at Glow Worm celebrating Tucker’s official sale of Jabot to Jack when Abby came in. Abby was impressed that Tucker kept his word and sold Jabot back to her Uncle Jack. Gloria showed up to tell Genevieve she was sorry she wasn’t able to make their meeting. Genevieve wasn’t sure what Gloria was talking about but before she could figure it out, she received a call that her house was on fire.

In his suite at the GC Athletic Club, Jill handcuffed Colin to the bed. Colin thought Jill was into kinky sex, but Jill told him she knew he had been lying to her and that he had been planning something devious. Colin tried to sweet talk her, but Jill said she would never fall for his lies again. She called the police and told them where Colin was and said they could do whatever they wanted with him. Jill told Colin she would never regret a single second with him but that he was going to pay for what he’d done to her, not once, but twice.

Ronin and Chance received word that Jill had called the police and given them Colin’s whereabouts. They went to arrest Colin, but Cane stayed behind to take care of Lily.

Genevieve, Jack, and Gloria showed up at Genevieve’s house. A paramedic said they found a woman in the building who looked to have been burned. Genevieve thought of her maid Myrna and rushed out. At the hospital, Genevieve waited to hear news about Myrna but said she wasn’t sure they would tell her anything because she wasn’t family. Cane asked if Myrna had family and Genevieve said she probably did but Myrna never mentioned them. Genevieve told Cane she was proud of him for saving Lily. When Lily said both she and Genevieve were victims, Genevieve wasn’t sure what Lily was talking about. Cane then told Genevieve about Colin’s plan to kill her and Gloria. Genevieve said she didn’t think Colin had it in him to kill her. Genevieve and Gloria went to confront Colin before he was carted off to prison. Alone, Jack pondered whether or not he should show up for Ronin’s meeting.

Ronin knocked on the door of Colin’s suite and laughed when he saw Colin chained to the bed with fuzzy handcuffs. Jill couldn’t believe her eyes when Chance walked in. Chance told Jill he would explain everything after they dealt with Colin.

Lily was in the ER being checked out when Cane came in to tell her that he had checked with the nanny about the twins. Lily told Cane that she wanted him back in their lives for good. She apologized for not trusting him. Cane said he hated having to do all the things he did. Lily said she had never been prouder of him and that he was her hero. With Colin out of the picture, Lily vowed nothing would ever keep them apart again. They kissed passionately.

A smug Colin told Ronin and Chance that his arrest wouldn’t stick because he had diplomatic immunity. Chance informed Colin that his so-called diplomatic immunity had been reversed. Ronin delighted in telling Colin that it took years but they finally nailed him. Ronin read Colin his rights and Jill said she never wanted to lay eyes on him ever again. Colin told Jill he knew she was still in love with him and swore he never lied about loving her.

Just then, Gloria and Genevieve barged in. Gloria got in Colin’s face and told him he messed with the wrong woman and then called him a loser. Genevieve told her ex that she couldn’t believe after all they’d been through that he sent his minions to kill her. “So this is how it ends,” she said. “You go to prison and grow old.” Ronin and Chance escorted Colin out. Jill and Gloria bickered and a tearful Genevieve said she and Jill were both burned by Colin but they lived to tell about it. She said that they were lucky. Jill wanted to know how they were lucky and Genevieve answered, “We survived.”

Abby, Ashley, Tucker, Phyllis, Jack, Victoria and Victor all received text messages from Ronin saying he wanted to meet with each of them at a warehouse out of town. But Ronin’s cell phone had been lost, which meant someone else was sending the texts.

Nick and Phyllis were having coffee at Crimson Lights when they both received the texts. The two of them talked about Diane’s murder and both asked the other if they could have killed Diane. Nick suggested the two of them back each other up with alibis, but Phyllis said she didn’t think it was in her best interest to support Nick. Phyllis pointed out how she saw a scratch on Nick’s neck the day after Diane was killed. Nick then pointed out to Phyllis that he overheard her threaten Diane.

Ashley called Abby and asked her to come over. Ashley told Abby that she and Tucker were planning to have a real wedding since they had said ‘I do’ in the hospital. Ashley asked Abby to be her maid of honor and told Abby that she hoped that proved she still had faith in her daughter. Tucker gave a big speech about loving Ashley more than anyone ever could. Abby said she was tired of hating Tucker and could see that Tucker makes her mother happy. Abby agreed to be in the wedding and finally gave Ashley her blessing over her marriage to Tucker. Abby said she had to go because she got a text that Ronin wanted to meet her. Tucker and Ashley said they got the same text. Abby wondered why Ronin would want to meet with all three of them.

Victoria sought Victor’s advice about how to handle Ronin and what happened the night Diane died. Victoria admitted to Victor that she lost her bracelet in the park the night Diane was murdered. She worried that Ronin had the bracelet and would now have proof that she was in the park that night. Victor said losing a bracelet in the park doesn’t make someone a murderer. He promised to protect his daughter no matter what. Victor told Victoria not to worry but Victoria said she couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was about to happen. They headed out to meet Ronin together.

When everyone who got the text showed up at the warehouse, they realized that Ronin had not summoned them all there, but wondered who had. Phyllis tripped a wire that set off a projector and newspaper clippings from Diane’s murder case were projected onto a screen. They all wondered who could have set this up.

Meanwhile, Genevieve’s never-seen housekeeper Myrna was seen lying in a hospital bed, bandaged everywhere except on her leg, where there was a tattoo of a very familiar kitty cat. Hmmm… looks like crazy Patty may be back!

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