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‘The Young and the Restless’ Episode Recap for October 27, 2011


Nick told Adam that he was the man nobody thought he could be because of Sharon and that he still had it in him to help save her from a life in prison. Adam insisted that he was only a fool in love back then and that there was nothing he could do.

Avery told Sharon that Victor’s testimony might not be enough if the tape of her and Skye arguing on the volcano was played in court without the missing part that would actually exonerate Sharon. A distraught Sharon told Avery that she needed her to give her some hope. Later, Nick showed up to visit Sharon and told her she might have to face that jail could be her home for the next thirty years. Sharon said it seemed that Nick thought she belonged there. Nick said that wasn’t true, but he couldn’t be her savior anymore.

Avery met with Adam and practically begged him to reconsider helping Sharon. She told him she knew that he wanted to do the right thing. Avery saw just how damaged he is. She told him that she would even feel sorry for him if he wasn’t so willing to take it out on Sharon. Avery said she wanted to have the creek drained for the memory card that would exonerate Sharon, but if she did that, she would be implicating Adam. But since Avery was also now Adam’s attorney, she couldn’t break the lawyer-client privilege – unless Adam was willing to waive it. Adam refused to help Sharon and Avery stormed out. At Crimson Lights, a frustrated Avery was reeling from her discussion with Adam. Nick saw she was obviously upset. When he asked what was wrong, Avery threw herself into his arms.

Chance asked Ronin to try to be the son Nina wanted and said he should at least go and visit her. Ronin told Chance that he had a mother and he didn’t need another one in Nina. Chance said he couldn’t believe Ronin could be such a jerk, especially after he gave him a kidney and the entire family rallied around him during his illness. Later, Ronin showed up at Nina’s doorstep. Paul told Nina that Heather wanted to get back together with Chance, but Nina wasn’t on board with the idea. Heather went to see Chance and told him she wanted to be with him because she loved him. Chance told her that what they had was great but it was over. A brokenhearted Heather left and went straight to the bar at the GC Athletic Club where she ran into Adam, who was also drowning his sorrows.

Chloe enlisted Victoria’s help in setting up a marriage proposal to Kevin at Crimson Lights. Victoria asked Chloe if she was sure this was really what she wanted to do and pointed out that sometimes people can confuse gratitude with other feelings. Chloe said she was sure about how she felt and wanted to marry Kevin. When Kevin showed up, Chloe serenaded him with a song, “Will You Marry Me Bill?” Chloe asked Kevin if he would marry her and he said yes.

Kevin went to visit Billy and told him he could stay in town, come clean about what he did in Asia with Victoria and tell Victor to go to hell. Billy thought it over and decided maybe Kevin was right. When Victor arrived at Billy’s apartment to give him his passport to leave town, Billy informed Vic he wasn’t going anywhere. Victor then pulled out an ipad and showed Billy a video of something he wasn’t happy to see. After watching the video, Billy decided Vic had him in a no-win situation and decided to leave town after all.

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