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The Inside Scoop from Y&R's 40th Anniversary Fan Club Dinner


Doug Davidson
Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic / Getty Images

The Young and the Restless 40th Anniversary Fan Club Dinner was held on Saturday, August 24th at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in the Grand Ballroom. More than 500 fans attended the event, as well as almost the entire cast.

After checking in at the reservation desk, fans were able to bid in a silent auction for memorabilia from the set of the No. 1 daytime drama. Then the program portion of the evening was kicked off by Doug Davidson (Paul), who introduced his fellow castmates, which was followed by Christian LeBlanc (Michael), who conducted a Q&A, a portion of which you can read below.

But you had to be there to have the chance to watch the special video montage of 40 years of favorite moments from Y&R that was lovingly put together for the event, as well as a special tribute video, which captured the highlights of Katherine Chancellor's (Jeanne Cooper) life.

Read on to find out how the cast answered the questions posed by Christian LeBlanc.

Christian LeBlanc: When you look back on your audition for Y&R, how did you feel when you were told, "You're hired"?

Robert Adamson (Noah): It was a great feeling. I was thrilled. It's been an absolute blessing. I love being a part of this family.

Lauralee Bell: The funny thing is my mom was almost in tears when we moved out here and I decided to be on. She wanted me to be a Tri Delta at Northwestern. After many years of working with you, I don't believe you ever knew that. The fans were very kind to me. You've all been very patient... and I thank you all for keeping me on all these years.

Peter Bergman (Jack): Actually, this was more like what I was normally cast in. The other character [Cliff Warner on All My Children] was kind of a stretch for me -- a really, really nice guy. This was more what I was all about being cast as. So it was easier than I thought it was going to be. Replacing someone is always a very difficult task. I'm forever grateful that it worked out here.

Christian LeBlanc: Eric, where are you? Y&R calls you up, they want you on the show. How did this happen? How did you feel?

Eric Braeden (Victor): I'm suffering from amnesia... I don't remember.... I really don't. This was so many years ago... this was last century.

Tracy Bregman (Lauren): They called me in for an audition to play Patty Williams, Doug's sister. I didn't pass the mustard for that, but they decided to give me a shot to come in for three episodes opposite Beth Maitland, Traci Abbott's best friend. I was shooting one scene and I gave Beth a look and Bill Bell said, "That's it." He turned Lauren into a bitch with no redeeming qualities.... Luckily, I get to show that every now and then. I've been having the best time growing and changing ever since.

Christian LeBlanc: For some of our newer additions: What were your first few days like?

Steve Burton (Dylan): I've got to admit it was a little scary at first for me to change jobs. But I've got to say thank you to all the actors here who were so welcoming. They're awesome at work. It took a little while for me to get over my nerves. You were there for me, Christian, so I appreciate that. I just feel very blessed to be on the No. 1 show.

Jessica Collins:: My first scene was with Victor Newman at Crimson Lights. Everyone told me how fast daytime is. I thought, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got it." You were so nice to me Eric. You were so welcoming. I remember, I was sitting in a chair and I had my arm around the chair. We did our scene, we talked, and we were done. The lights went out. You got up, shook my hand, and said, "Thank you very much." The cameras all moved away. I was still sitting, waiting to do it again. So that's when I learned how fast daytime was.

Christian LeBlanc: When you look back at all the scenes you've done over the years, is there any one moment that stands up as an absolute favorite for you?

Michael Damian (Danny): First of all it's so great to see you all. What a gorgeous group. Wow! So glad to be part of this event. This is my other family and it's such an honor. Probably my biggest show was.. I would say with Lauralee -- our wedding in Hawaii. That was an awesome time. It was so magical. It was perfect. How long were we there, two weeks? Those were the old days when we could shoot for two weeks on exotic locations. My second favorite is a scene I shot with Eric Braeden that never aired, where Eric actually sang "Rock On" with me.

Christian LeBlanc: In what way are you like your character. In what ways are you different?

Melissa Egan (Chelsea): I'm definitely different, because I'm not pregnant every other day. I know what contraception is. So I'm definitely diff in that way. How are we both the same? Well, we both like to mess with Billy, and that's how I started on the show.

Max Ehrech (Fenn): I would say that two shots of espresso is my drug. I never did bully anyone. That's how I'm different. Alike ... we all have a part of us that's a bit darker. He's more in touch with it. I'm not scared of touching upon my dark side and my light side. That's what makes us human beings. It's just finding that balance.

Christian LeBlanc: Are there any emotional scenes that were challenging?

Hunter Hayley King (Summer): Well, all the stuff with: Who is my real dad? There were a lot of emotional scenes there... a lot of crying. Then when I work with Peter, Peter is one of the most amazing actors I've ever gotten to work with. I look at Peter and I look at him like a dad. So when he starts crying, I'll start crying. So those are the most rewarding scenes with Peter.

Beth Maitland (Traci): My favorite emotional scenes are almost every day, but the most challenging scenes were the Colleen storyline. When Colleen was brain dead and we had to decide to give her heart to Victor Newman.

Michael Muhney (Adam): I look at a lot of the actors on the show and I'm envious of what they can do. Their characters maybe show a little more. My character plays things close to the vest. I see things that a lot of folks on the show do and I say, "I'm glad I don't have to do that." So maybe the most difficult emotional scenes I've ever had to do is watching them do it and say, "How do they do it?" So kudos to everyone here.

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