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Character Profile: Amber Moore, The Bold and the Beautiful

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try… and Try Again


Character Profile: Amber Moore, The Bold and the Beautiful

Amber Moore (Adrienne Frantz)/CBS Photo

Amber Moore Overview

Since she arrived in L.A. in 1997, Ambrosia "Amber" Moore has had her own agenda: find a rich man, get him to marry her, and live happily ever after lounging around the pool eating bonbons and spending all his money. She’s bedded and (illegally) wedded a few wealthy men, but her lies have always gotten in the way of a happy ending or a big fat divorce settlement. Amber’s resume is padded with short stints as a nanny, a singer, a ghostwriter, and a fashion designer, but she is mainly qualified as an expert gold-digger.

Big City, Big Dreams

Amber was living in a small town in Death Valley called Furnace Creek when she met Sheila Carter. Sheila confided in Amber that she was being kept away from her daughter, Mary, who was living with her father James in L.A. Sheila and Amber cooked up a scheme to have Amber apply to be Mary’s nanny so Sheila could sneak visits to the baby. Amber would be helping Sheila, but, in true Amber fashion, she saw what was in it for her – a ticket out of the trailer park.

It wasn’t long before Amber realized Sheila was completely off her rocker and feared for baby Mary’s safety – and her own. Amber ended up coming clean about her alliance with Sheila to James. Sheila was outraged by Amber’s betrayal, and ended up shooting Stephanie Forrester. Amber saved Stephanie’s life, but Sheila got away.

When Amber Met Rick

Since she didn’t have the greatest references from her last child care position, it was surprising that Amber landed a job as a babysitter for Brooke Logan, who had two children, Rick and Bridget Forrester. Rick was a teenager and developed a crush on the older, wilder Amber. At first Amber brushed off Rick’s flirtations, but he refused to give up and Amber gave in. Brooke and the rest of the Forrester family embarked on a crusade to keep Amber and Rick apart.

Amber ended up having a one-night stand with her old friend Raymond. She became pregnant but wasn’t sure who the father was, Rick or Raymond. She went to stay with her mother Tawny in Furnace Creek so that when she gave birth no one would be around to the see what the baby looked like, since Raymond was black.

Amber was devastated when her baby was stillborn (it is believed to have been Rick’s). Tawny, who had taught Amber every gold-digging trick in the book, took her niece Becky’s unwanted baby, conveniently born around the same time, and told Amber to pass it off as Amber and Rick’s.

Not wanting to lose Rick, Amber returned to L.A. with the baby, named Little Eric. The jig was up when the baby’s real mother, Amber’s cousin Becky, came to town. Becky got her baby back and married C.J. Garrison, only to learn she was dying a short time later. Amber, who had grown close to Becky, promised to take care of Little Eric when Becky was gone.

And Then There Was Deacon Sharpe

Rick dumped Amber for lying about the baby, but when she was going to marry C.J. to help take care of Little Eric, Rick realized he was still in love with her. To stop the wedding, Rick brought Little Eric’s biological father, conman Deacon Sharpe, to town. Amber and Rick got married and were overjoyed when they discovered Amber was expecting – and this time, no paternity tests were required. Amber began designing for Forrester Creations. During a fashion show, she collapsed and lost the baby. Amber’s grief sent her over the edge and she became addicted to drugs.

After a stint in rehab, Amber and Rick tried to get back on track. Meanwhile, Deacon was getting his act together and decided he wanted custody of his son Little Eric (now called Little D after Deacon). Because Amber and Rick did not have legal custody of Little D, Deacon decided to take them to court and gain full custody. Amber panicked and fled town with Little D. When she returned, the judge gave custody to Deacon. Rick couldn’t forgive Amber this time and they divorced.

Hello Genoa City, Goodbye Genoa City

After a disastrous fling with Rick’s underage cousin, Thomas, Amber ran out of young, rich Forrester men to seduce and she bid L.A. farewell. She wound up in Genoa City, Wisconsin. Her first order of business was faking a wedding to Cane Ashby to get his money, but he found out and dumped her.

Amber formed an unlikely friendship with socialite Katherine Chancellor and Mrs. C brought out a different side of Amber, a more caring, unselfish side. Her friendship with artist Daniel Romalotti blossomed into love. Amber and Daniel finally married but Amber couldn’t stop thinking about Little D. She told Daniel that she wanted a child but he wasn’t ready, then Little D showed up in town. Ultimately, Amber and Daniel decided they wanted different things and Amber left town with Little D.

L.A. Story, Part 2

Having put Little D in boarding school, Amber was free once again to pursue her dreams of being a fashion designer. She returned to L.A. and got a job as a designer at Jackie M Designs, a rival of Forrester Creations. Under pressure to make a splash at an upcoming fashion show, Amber decided to steal designs from Forrester, which resulted in her being fired from Jackie M.

Amber convinced struggling photographer Oliver Jones to take her in. Amber and Oliver had a one-night stand and Amber, who is clearly anti-birth control, got pregnant. Amber’s mother Tawny urged her daughter to use the baby to her advantage. So Amber faked a one-night stand with Liam Spencer, son of publishing magnate Bill Spencer. To get a piece of the Spencer fortune, Amber lied and said Liam was the baby’s father.

Killing Amber: The Ultimate Cliff-Hanger

Liam’s father Bill Spencer vowed that trailer trash like Amber would not destroy his son. Bill bought Amber a condo on a cliff overlooking the beach, claiming he wanted to care for his unborn grandchild. But Bill was having fantasies of pushing Amber over the cliff and watching her fall to her death. Before he could do the deed, a branch accidentally knocked Amber over the patio’s railing. To Bill’s dismay, Amber was pulled to safety by Steffy Forrester. With all she’s endured, it’s going to take a lot more than a tree branch to get rid of the tough-as-press-on-nails Amber Moore.

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