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Photos of Soap Stars Past and Present

Feast your eyes on some of the most fabulous pictures of soap stars past and present in this extensive photo gallery.
  1. ATWT Photos (3)
  2. B & B Photos (5)
  3. GL Photos (4)
  4. Y & R Photos (5)

Greenlee Through the Years
Photos of All My Children's Greenlee

What Soap Operas Teach Us That Make Them Good For Us!
Watching soap operas teaches us about social issues

The Many Loves of Ryan Lavery
Revisit Ryan's many loves over his past 13 years on All My Children

Best Dressed
A photo gallery of the Best Dressed on the red carpet at the 2011 Daytime Emmys

'Qué Bonito Amor'Profile
'Qué Bonito Amor'Profile

Red Carpet Glamour
Soap Stars on the Red Carpet at the 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in Las Vegas

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