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10 Hottest Soap Supercouples of All Time


The quintessential soap opera supercouple is an entity all its own. These are the couples that repeatedly hook up and split up, sometimes within mere days, yet always find their way back together (no matter how temporarily).

Sure, soaps are packed with great pairings, but there are certainly some romantic standouts.

1. Luke Spencer and Laura Webber, 'General Hospital'

Not a big surprise these two claimed the top spot, but it is a big surprise they ever stood a chance at all. Their first sexual encounter was when a drunken Luke raped Laura at work! Nevertheless, the two fell in love and have weathered many a soap storm.

2. Bo Brady and Hope Williams, 'Days of Our Lives'

A tight runner-up to the #1 supercouple, these lovebirds’ current song, “Can’t Live Without Your Love” was written and performed by Peter Reckell’s (Bo) real life wife, Kelly Moneymaker. The song has aired in its entirety on the show, a very rare honor.

3. Josh Lewis and Reva Shayne, 'Guiding Light'

This fun-loving pair have really stayed the course – despite numerous break-ups, they’ve been each other’s soul mate since childhood.

4. John Black and Marlena Evans, 'Days of Our Lives'

At their 1999 wedding reception, John serenaded Marlena with “The Way You Look Tonight.” Since that was my wedding song too, these two get extra cuteness points! Awwww.

5. Tad Martin and Dixie Cooney, 'All My Children'

This supercouple first got to know each other when Tad was hired by Brooke to investigate Dixie’s baby’s paternity.

6. Holden Snyder and Lily Walsh, 'As the World Turns'

Lily’s portrayer (Martha Byrne) wrote “Find My Way Back” especially for Lily and Holden at the time of their 20th anniversary. It still remains the couple’s song today.

7. Bobby Ewing and Pam Barnes, 'Dallas'

The future Mr. and Mrs. Ewing left town and married during a ten minute ceremony at New Orleans City Hall. Not exactly the stuff dreams are made of, was it?

8. Mac Cory and Rachel Davis, 'Another World'

These two lovers married for the first time in Mac’s New York City townhouse on Valentine’s Day, 1975.

9. Victor Newman and Nikki Reed, 'The Young and the Restless'

This volatile couple first met when Nikki was a stripper! My, how far she’s come.

10. Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan, 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

After an on-again/off-again merry-go-round relationship, these two hit the sheets in celebration after creating an anti-wrinkle formula together called BeLief.
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