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All My Children's Camerson Mathison

The Many Loves of Ryan Lavery


Alicia and I have a real strong foundational friendship that was formed on the show and we’re still very close. From when we first met to where we are now in our lives—we’re both married and have kids now—we’ve been through a lot together.”

Erica Kane, played by Susan Lucci

I loved it. I thought it was a great story. It was super cool having Ryan be with Erica Kane and I loved working with Susan. I’m very close with Susan, my wife and I are very friendly with Susan and Helmet [Lucci’s husband]. I thought it was a really bold and kind of crazy story because nobody would have thought of it.

Everybody was freaking out about the age difference, that it was inappropriate. But one of the things that I thought about that story was that if it was a younger woman and an older man, nobody would have thought twice. Look at Annie and Adam. There was a much bigger age difference with them and nobody made a peep about it. It was bizarre to me. I embraced that aspect but it seemed like a double standard to me. Even though the fans were used to seeing Erica and Ryan with other people, it was a fun choice. It certainly upset Greenlee.

Annie McDermott, played by Melissa Claire Egan

“I thought it was cool to find out Ryan had a daughter [Emma]. I loved that aspect of that relationship, that Annie was the mother of his child. They kind of threw us together a little bit quickly and it took some getting used to for me, but it was great.

From the time Melissa started All My Children to the time she left, she really came into her own. She was always an amazing actress, but I think she became really phenomenal as time went on. It was really fun working with her. When she started, Annie was a little goody two shoes and I think it was so fun for her to go cuckoo bird off the deep end. That was the best thing they [the writers] ever did. She embraced that like gang busters and it was so fun. My scenes with Melissa this time around when she came back, they were some really nice scenes where they’re saying goodbye to each other.”

Madison North, played by Stephanie Gatschet

“I thought it was really, really sweet. I think it was the most vulnerable Ryan had been with someone. Madison was a sweet, wounded bird. It was really raw and really lousy what happened. He broke up with her, shot her by accident and left her when she was pregnant. Ryan could have handled that one a little better.

I love working with Stephanie. I think it was the first time I had worked with somebody brand new other than Melissa I thought it was a great choice for Ryan. At the time, David and Greenlee were together and that was so painful for Ryan. Ryan and Madison were there for each other. I think the fans were really split between Madison and Greenlee at first.”

Greenlee Smyth, played by Rebecca Budig

“Greenlee and Ryan were not meant to be in the beginning. The first time they got married it was to spite Kendall because of all the things she was up to. They were friends from the beginning but I think that Ryan and Greenlee have very different personalities. Then I think they were such close friends that over time they recognized what they had was pretty special. They’ve had many obstacles along the way, but I think what has really been their problem is the way they’ve handled the obstacles, which was not very well. They kept secrets and handled things in such a way that would end up causing lots of problems. Underneath it all, they’ve both been hanging on to their first loves. And I think that’s something that needs to be resolved.”

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