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All My Children's Cameron Mathison

The Many Loves of Ryan Lavery


All My Children's Cameron Mathison
George De Sota / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Throughout his 13 years in Pine Valley, Ryan Lavery has had his share of memorable flings and romances. Here, Cameron Mathison takes a look back at his characters loves and losses, and shares his thoughts about his some of his leading ladies.

Gillian Andrassy, played by Esta TerBlanche

“Gillian is Ryan’s first true love. I just I loved that storyline. I thought it was so funny and romantic that she pretended to be interested in him because she thought Ryan was rich, and Ryan was into her because he thought she had money. But they were really both broke and fell in love. I thought it was a really unique romance.

The Ryan-Gillian story happened at a new time in my life and I’ll never forget it. I have very fond memories of working with Esta. She was so fun with all the mistakes she would say in the story with her English. She was so sweet and adorable.”

Liza Colby, then played by Marcy Walker

“Ryan and Liza were good friends and it just kind of happened. Marcy Walker is such a pro. I learned so much from working with her.”

Hayley Vaughan, played by Kelly Ripa

“Ryan and Hayley were pretty short lived. I think they would have been longer lived but both Kelly and I recognized pretty quickly that it wasn’t going over well [with the fans]. Mateo [played by Ripa’s real-life husband Mark Consuelos] and Hayley were so profoundly popular, and the whole thing was getting ugly. I think Kelly and I both went to Angela Shapiro [then head of ABC Daytime] and said ‘This is just not working.’ I was getting things thrown at me at the grocery store. A bus driver actually pulled over and opened the door and yelled out to me to stay away from Hayley. That is a true story!

I got along with Kelly great and it was so much fun working with her. I think she’s just awesome beyond words. I think the writers were really trying to dive in and they were probably not that happy when we were both like, ‘Can we bail out of this story?’ And I could be making this up, but after that happened, I didn’t work for like three years. I mean, I worked, but only like two days a week. I think the writers were just not happy that they had this long-term story planned.

There was chemistry because we were so comfortable with each other but it was not a hot passionate thing. Mark [Consuelos; Ripa’s real-life husband] was on set most of the time. We really trusted each other and worked well together. But I remember our first kissing scene. They made us do it over four times so that she could just go for it even more every time. There was a hesitation there with fans and it was a little awkward with Mark there, but you rise up and do the work.”

Mia Saunders, played by Amelia Heinle

“I thought Ryan and Mia were great. It was interesting. From what I remember, it was a sweet story. Amelia was a lot of fun.”

Kendall Hart, played by Alicia Minshew

“I would say that Ryan and Kendall were, in many ways, too much like the same person to be able to make it. There was a lot of intensity and it was very combustible. There were a lot of passionate fights. It was really, really good and also really, really rotten and sort of crazy. It was like mad, crazy love and that’s why they kept coming back to each other through the years. I don’t think of them as being soul mates, but they are really close friends and they share a child together and that definitely brought them closer together. I think it was one of the real turbulent, explosive relationships that Ryan’s had.

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