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Character Profile of Nicholas Newman, Y & R


Portrayed by:

  • Marco and Stefan Flores (1989)
  • Griffin Ledner (1990 – January 1991)
  • John Nelson-Alden (1991 – 1994)
  • Joshua Morrow (1994 to present)

Birth Name:

Nicholas Christian Newman

Birth Date:

December 31, 1988 (aged to 16 in 1994)


421 Larkspur Trail, Newman Ranch, Genoa City, Wisconsin


Nikki Reed Newman and Victor Newman


  • Victoria Newman Hellstrom (sister)
  • Abigail (Abby) Carlton (paternal half-sister)
  • Victor Newman, Jr., aka Adam Wilson (paternal half-brother)


  • Sharon Collins (divorced)
  • Phyllis Summers (2006 – present)


  • Cassie Newman (adoptive daughter with Sharon; deceased)
  • Noah Newman (biological son with Sharon)
  • Summer Ann Newman (biological daughter with Phyllis)


  • Partner with Jack and Sharon Abbott and wife Phyllis, Restless Style online/print magazine
  • Former CEO, Newman Enterprises
  • Former Board Member, Newman Enterprises
  • Former co-owner, Crimson Lights Coffee House

The Early Days of Nick Newman

Nick Newman has always been a lovable guy with a big heart – a heart that sometimes gets him in trouble.

Born to squabbling parents Nikki and Victor Newman, soon after Nick’s birth, the couple divorced. Nikki then married the powerful Jack Abbott, who for a while became Nick’s stepfather. The irony? Nick and Jack are now business partners.

As with many soap kids, Nick went off to boarding school and came back to town aged. At 16, Nick found himself falling for the young Sharon Collins, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Sharon and Nick weathered many threats to their relationship, such as Sharon’s rape, Nick’s wrongful jailing for allegedly shooting Matt Clark (he didn’t) and Nikki’s disapproval of Sharon. Still, the couple persevered and went on to have a 10-year marriage that included a son of their own (Noah) and the adoption of Sharon’s illegitimate child, Cassie.

Married, with Children

Despite making it through Grace Turner’s obsession with Nick (and a resulting physical affair), a custody battle with Alice Johnson (Cassie’s legal mother), a miscarriage, Sharon’s affair with Diego Guittierez, and the accidental death of Cassie from a car accident, the straw that broke the camel’s back on the Nick/Sharon marriage was when Nick caught Sharon smooching his own father, Victor. Crushed, Nick vowed revenge on his dad.

Getting his Phyl

Nick sought comfort for Sharon’s wrong-doings from an unlikely source: Phyllis Summers Abbott. Their affair went from physical to emotional in a hurry, but when Sharon found out about the affair, Nick decided to fight for his failing marriage.

Soon, it was discovered that Phyllis was pregnant with Nick’s child, thereby screeching any Sharon/Nick reconciliation to a halt. They divorced and Nick married Phyllis. Their baby girl, Summer Ann Newman, was born in an elevator at Newman Enterprises during an ice storm. And who should help deliver the baby? None other than Phyllis’s ex-husband, Jack Abbott.

Dead or Alive?

Not long after Summer’s birth, Nick was presumed dead in plane crash, but was later found and returned home. Unfortunately, the injuries sustained from the crash erased Nick’s memory of the past two years. He believed he was still married to Sharon and that Cassie was still alive. Determined to get that life back, Nick tried to reconnect with Sharon, but slowly began to see how he could have (and why he did) fall in love with Phyllis. Ultimately, he decided to stay in that marriage, and in the meantime, supported Phyllis as she went to trial (and then to jail) for blackmailing Brad Carlton regarding his affair with Sharon. Phyl’s conviction was overturned two months later and the couple pressed on.

The Here and Now

Currently, Phyllis and Nick have teamed up with Jack and Sharon Abbott, who are now married (how’s that for a mismatched group?) to launch a magazine called Restless Style. The friction and mayhem in the office are a hoot to watch, though surprisingly, the group does manage to gel into a pretty cohesive unit when necessary.

The fun part? Nick is now showing Victor just how savvy of a businessman he is. Guess that shows Vic for firing Nick from Newman Enterprises, doesn’t it?

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