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Comings and Goings - Soap Opera Casting News


Paolo Seganti
Tony Barson Archive / WireImage / Getty Images

The world of soaps can sometimes be a revolving door for actors. To keep up with who is coming and going on your favorite shows, here is the latest in casting news, updated regularly.

As the World Turns

  • Paolo Seganti will return as Damian in mid-March. The character has not been on screen since August 2006, when Damian tried to send Luke away to be "deprogrammed" of his homosexuality. Look for him to mix things up with Luke, Noah, Lily and Lucinda.

The Bold and the Beautiful

  • Daniel McVicar will play Clarke, who is part of the Jackie M team, beginning on Monday, January 19.
  • Stephanie Wang plays Madison, a Forrester Creations employee beginning Monday, January 12.
  • Robin McGraw, wife of Dr. Phil McGraw, will play herself on Wednesday, January 14 in scenes with Jackie.

Guiding Light

  • Jonathan Fried returns as Bill's hypnotherapist on Monday January 12.
  • Danielle Slavick will play Emma's teacher, Ms. Jennings, on Tuesday, January 13 and Friday, January 16.
  • Clayton Apgar plays Hudson, a contractor who gets roughed up by Grady on Friday, January 16.
  • Kahan James plays Rafe's prison doctor, Dr. Nealy, on Friday, January 16.
  • UPDATE: Grant Aleksander returns to his role as Phillip Granville Spaulding on February 6, 2009, much to the delight of many, many fans.
  • David Andrew MacDonald reprises his role of the dark prince, Edmund Winslow, beginning January 22, after being off-screen since December 2007.

The Young and the Restless

  • Carmen Argenziano will play Elroy, a Genoa City DA, on Tuesday, January 13.
  • Louis Mustillo plays Joe Jr., a diner worker, on Friday, January 16.
  • David Leisure (of 90's sitcom Empty Nest fame), will play Roger Wilkes, an accountant at Chancellor Industries on Friday, January 16 and Monday, January 19.
  • Fashion designer Shiva Rose will play herself on Wednesday, January 21. Rose's appearance is not a welcome surprise for former flames Chloe and Billy, who worry she may expose their sordid past to Cane and Lily.
  • Azure Parsons plays Crystal, a woman involved in Jack and Adam's diary scam on Wednesday, January 21.
  • Keith Pillow plays Noah's school principal on Thursday, January 22.
  • Tom Yi plays Dr. Hadlock on Thursday, January 22.


As reported in a recent blog post (be sure to leave your comments and thoughts), Don Diamont, originator of the character Brad Carlton on The Young and the Restless has been let go. According to Soap Opera Digest, an insider reports that a cut was down to two names, and Don was the one let go. No word yet on how or when his character will leave Genoa City.

In other CBS news, super hottie, John Driscoll (Coop, Guiding Light), will be leaving the show. His exit, which is storyline-dictated due to the return of Beth's ex-lover, Phillip, will mark the end of an almost 5-year run for the actor. May I be so bold as to say I will surely miss that piece of eye candy and hope another soap snaps him up in a hurry!

Stay tuned for constant updates!

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