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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recaps

Week of August 8-12


The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recaps

Owen (Brandon Beemer) and Jackie (Lesley-Anne Down) have never made a secret of their passion for each other -- even in front of Jackie's son Nick.

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Monday, August 8

Fresh from her emotional interaction with Steffy, Katie bluntly asks Bill if he is really going to leave her when she becomes healthy again. Frustrated by the situation that Bill has put them in, Katie gives him an ultimatum about their marriage. Ridge makes a heartfelt apology to Steffy for being the reason why she ran into the arms of a married man for affection. Brooke and Taylor have opposing opinions regarding the love triangle between Bill, Katie and Steffy.

Tuesday, August 9

Steffy is in no mood for a lecture when Hope visits her to tell her that she knows about the affair with Bill and to stay away from him. Tired of sharing his home with Jackie and Owen, Nick tries to talk them into getting a place of their own. Hope questions Liam about how much and how long he knew about Bill and Steffy’s affair. An emotionally torn Bill delivers news to Steffy about the fate of their relationship.

Wednesday, August 10

When Jackie learns that Steffy is the one who bought her apartment, she wonders if it was bought with the intent for it to be a love nest. Katie tells Brooke and Hope that she is confident that Bill is currently ending his affair with Steffy. Bill feels torn as Steffy makes a final plea for him to choose to be with her over Katie. When Steffy accuses Katie of brainwashing him, Bill assures her that he is the one who has to make the decision of who he is going to be with.

Thursday, August 11

Unaware that Bill has already made his choice, Liam confronts his father about making a decision about Katie and Steffy. Steffy and Hope verbally spar over the dispute that has been going on between their families for years. Ridge comforts a heartbroken Steffy as she tells him that she wants to make Bill and Katie hurt as badly as she is hurting. Ridge goes into a defensive father mode as he proclaims that he will do anything to protect his little girl.

Friday, August 12

Bill invites Nick to his office for a business meeting that will benefit Jackie M and Bill’s need for revenge against Ridge. Steffy confides in Oliver that Bill is going back to his marriage with Katie. Hope isn’t shy with her belief when she states that Steffy got what she deserved. Brooke and Ridge have a difference in opinion about whether Bill or Steffy instigated their relationship. Liam confesses to Hope that he doesn’t know how long he can continue not having sex with her.

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