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'The Bold and the Beautiful' Episode Recaps, July 4-8


'The Bold and the Beautiful' Episode Recaps, July 4-8

Only the Lonely: Poor Brooke is once again Ridge-less.

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Monday, July 4

Stephanie tries to convince Thomas not to reveal the truth about him and Brooke, but he is determined to fess up. Eric queries Ridge about why he is rushing into marriage with Taylor so soon after his breakup with Brooke. Ridge confesses to Eric the reason why he is marrying Taylor so quickly. Brooke is consoled by her family as she mourns the loss of her marriage. Deep and dark secrets are revealed by all in attendance at Taylor’s bridal shower.

Tuesday, July 5

When Thomas states that he intends to tell the truth to Ridge and Taylor, Stephanie assures him that he is too late. Stephanie and Thomas’ guilt is worn down when Hope and Dayzee separately give them a final chance to come clean regarding the truth about Brooke before the wedding. Ridge pays one last visit to Brooke and RJ where he says an emotional “goodbye”. Brooke sends Ridge off to his wedding with loving words and a rose boutonniere that she picks for him from the rose garden. Steffy has a difficult time containing her excitement that her family has triumphed over Brooke.

Wednesday, July 6

Family and friends gather to witness Ridge and Taylor reunited in marriage. Liam and Hope attempt to distract RJ and cheer up Brooke from thinking about Ridge marrying Taylor. While Hope continues to stand firm that Thomas lied about what happened on the Island, Brooke defends her trust in him. Thomas and Stephanie are riddled with guilt as they watch Taylor and Ridge exchange their marriage vows.

Thursday, July 7

Heartbroken that Ridge and Taylor’s wedding is taking place, Brooke is comforted by Stephen. Brooke hopes that once Ridge and Taylor are married, she will be able to move on with her life. Dayzee and Steffy set their differences aside and agree to become friends. A guilt-ridden Stephanie interrupts Ridge and Brooke’s wedding. While the wedding guests are crammed together waiting in Steffy’s guest house, Mommie Dearest confesses all to Ridge and Taylor. Despite her enormous confession, Stephanie still believes that the wedding can now take place without any lies or secrets to get in the way of the bride and groom’s happiness. Furious, Ridge confronts Thomas, who admits he lied about sleeping with Brooke.

Friday, July 8

Ridge and Taylor reveal their disgust at Stephanie and Thomas’ outrageous lie. Taylor lays into Thomas and says she thought it was Brooke who corrupted Thomas, but now realizes it was Stephanie. While they’re anxiously waiting to find out if the wedding is going to proceed, Steffy tries to get out of Dayzee what secret Stephanie and Thomas have been keeping. Dayzee refuses to share Thomas’ secret but assures Steffy that she needs to be prepared because nothing will ever be the same for her family. Thomas admits that he knew what he did was wrong but once he saw how happy his parents were, he couldn’t go back. He also reveals that Stephanie promised him her shares in Forrester Creations. Stephen can’t locate Brooke to tell her the wedding was interrupted after Brooke goes out alone to try to deal with losing Ridge. Taylor tells Ridge that she loves him but she doesn’t want their marriage to be based on a lie and leaves the decision up to him. A distraught Brooke is sitting near a water fountain when she notices rose petals falling down into the water. She looks up and sees Ridge standing there smiling at her.

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