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'The Bold and the Beautiful' Episode Recap for October 27, 2011


'The Bold and the Beautiful' Episode Recap for October 27, 2011

Will Eric turn to Jackie during his troubles with Stephanie?


Amber ran into Rick and the two discussed her new baby. Amber told Rick that what they once had between them was pretty special. Rick asked about Amber and Marcus and Amber said Marcus would always be her little girl’s father but they weren’t a couple. Amber insisted to Rick that she was trying to change and put her little girl first. The two reminisced about old times and Amber showed her true colors when she said she’d always wished she could have snagged herself a Forrester. Amber offered to cook for Rick sometime. She said to call her and he said he’d see.

Ridge continued to fight with Thorne while Eric and Taylor looked on. Ridge said Thorne was throwing tantrums like a child and had ridiculous delusions of grandeur. Thorne told Ridge that people in the company didn’t like him because he was full of himself and threw it in Ridge’s face that he is the true Forrester son, not Ridge. Thorne said he’s sick of taking a back seat to Ridge and that he’s favored Brooke and Hope over Steffy and Thomas for too long. He pointed out that Taylor now had the shares to make that happen. Taylor disappointed Thorne when she decided she didn’t want to put Thomas and Steffy in the position of having to go against their own father. After thwarting Thorne’s takeover attempt, Ridge told Thorne he should fire his insubordinate ass right now.

Thorne tried to get Eric on his side by saying Ridge was nothing like Eric and that he was only loyal to Stephanie. Eric tried to reason with Thorne but Thorne didn’t want to hear it and walked out. Ridge told Eric to let him go and that Thorne had brought this all on himself. Thorne went to his office and saw that all of his things were being packed up and taken out – on orders from Ridge.

Taylor told Thorne she was sorry for everything and wouldn’t blame him if he never spoke to her again. Taylor said maybe the two of them got too caught up in their mutual feelings of being kicked around by Ridge and their “I’m not going to take it anymore” attitude. Then Taylor had a revelation and broke it to Thorne that maybe it wasn’t the right time for her to have a man in her life. She hugged him and told him she did care about him. Thorne tried to hide his hurt feelings.

Eric ran into Jackie and could tell something was going on with Eric. She said she was more than happy to listen to his problems. Eric confided in her his recent problems with Stephanie and their intimacy issues. Jackie told Eric to be patient with Stephanie because her battle with cancer had taken a toll. Eric said he would be more patient if that’s what Stephanie needed. Jackie said Stephanie was very lucky to have him. Eric asked what happened between Jackie and Owen and Jackie admitted she still loved Owen but that she gave him up because he belongs with Bridget and their son. Jackie shocked Eric when she told him that before Owen the last man who was that gentle with her was Eric. Things got intimate when Eric gently brushed Jackie’s hair off her face.

Ridge called Brooke to meet him at the restaurant and they spied Eric and Jackie talking. Ridge told Brooke that he was very proud of Stephanie for all the good work she was doing on her trip to Washington. Ridge said he didn’t know what the family would do without her and that Eric would be lost. Just then, Ridge and Brooke spied Eric kissing Jackie.

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