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8 Questions with Ellen Dolan (Margo, 'ATWT')


As the World Turns actress, Ellen Dolan at the National Television Academy Celebration for the 32nd Daytime Emmy Awards.
Fernando Leon / Stringer / Getty Images
Ellen Dolan has played Margo Hughes on As the World Turns since 1989. She sat down with Soap Opera Allie to talk about her career, her personal life and what's in store for the end of ATWT.

Soap Opera Allie: Did you lobby for the role of Margo Hughes on ATWT?
Ellen Dolan: No. Doug Marland called me in L.A. (at the time) and asked if I would do the part. I had to audition but, yes, I got the part.

Allie: What helped prepare you to play Margo?
Ellen: Four years of Guiding Light.

Allie: What did you hope to bring to the role of Margo?
Ellen: I wanted her to be funny/quirky .... everything you don't get to see in her these days.

Allie: What was you first job as actress?
Ellen: Katrin in Mother Courage at the Milwaukee Rep. Co.

Allie: What was your favorite moment as Margo?
Ellen: Howling at the moon with Samantha.

Allie: You have such a full schedule. What do you do to relax and unwind?
Ellen: Cuddle up in bed with Angie [her daughter, born in 2000] and watch a movie on TV or The Food Network and HGTV (her request REALLY ... just so cable knows).

Allie: How do you hope ATWT leaves Margo when the show ends later this year?
Ellen: I don't hope anymore.

Allie: What do you plan to do after ATWT is off the air?
Ellen: I am doing a lot of stage work, now. Something I never had time for until my character no longer had any "story value." Right now I'm rehearsing a play at the Beckett Theater called (tentatively) I Forgive You Ronald Reagan.

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