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Telemundo Introduces Five New Novelas for 2013-2014


It is Upfront week in New York City and all the TV networks are presenting their new programming. Today, at Telemundo's media event, held at Frederick P. Rose Hall, it was announced that five new telenovelas will be introduced during the 2013-2014 schedule.Here is what we have to look forward to in the coming months:


Telemundo/Juan Manuel Garcia
Dama y Obrero features Ignacia, a young engineer who works in a large construction company owned by her boyfriend Tomás. Ignacia and Tomás have been together for a long time and finally decide to get married, although Ignacia could never imagine the kind of man Tomás really is. Days before the wedding, they have a heated argument, and Ignacia decides to leave town and have some time to herself. From there, she meets Pedro, a man who appears to be wealthy and with whom she spends an unforgettable weekend. However, Ignacia knows she is only living a dream, a pause in her life, so the next morning, Pedro wakes up to find a note from Ignacia but with no trace of how to find her. Regretting what has happened, she goes back home where Tomás is waiting for her with an offer for an impressive promotion at his company and expects that this will make her forgive him. When Ignacia, now in a powerful position, discovers that Pedro is an average construction worker, the two will find that despite having every reason on earth not to be together, they will love each other despite prejudice, differences and rejection that threaten to pull them apart.


La Impostora is an endearing romantic story with a touch of classic melodrama, set in Playa del Carmen, the heart of the Mayan Riviera. The story follows the adventures of Blanca Guerrero, a good-looking, witty, aspiring actress, who makes a living as a waitress in a picturesque restaurant that caters to tourists. Blanca gets her big break when she is hired by famous Hollywood actor Adriano Ferrer to pose as Victoria San Marino, a millionaire investor from New York. In this role, she will infiltrate the powerful Altamira family with the secret intent of discovering the whereabouts of a son that Adriano had 20 years before with Alexandra, a now-deceased daughter of the Altamira. Adriano’s scheme is put in jeopardy when Blanca falls in love with Eduardo, the handsome and charismatic scion of the Altamira clan.


Reina de Corazones, set in the glitz of Sin City, is the story of Reina and Diego, a young couple madly in love and about to get married in Las Vegas. Tragically, when the groom never shows up for the wedding, a devastated Reina faints at the doorstep of the chapel upon learning that her beloved has been fatally shot. When Reina comes to and opens her eyes again, she realizes that the chapel is no longer the same, she is now in a majestic church, with hundreds of guests, awaiting a splendorous ceremony and the groom waiting for her at the altar is not her Diego, but Victor, a powerful gangster. Many secrets are revealed as Reina discovers she has forgotten the last five years of her life and tries to put the pieces of the puzzle back together.


Camelia la Tejana is inspired by a song of the same name from the legendary Mexican regional music band Los Tigres Del Norte, the same tune that inspired one of the most successful stories ever told on Spanish-language TV, La Reina del Sur. The story begins in the 1970s and is centered around Camelia, a young, innocent and beautiful woman who tries to escape from one of Mexico’s most powerful drug lords, Don Antonio. While fleeing her small town, Camelia finds love with Emilio Varela, a man who will turn out to be Camelia’s greatest betrayer. It is because of Emilio that Camelia embarks on a criminal path that will change her life forever, but after he betrays her, Camelia vows to make him pay. Camelia’s strength and character will make her a legend, but first, she will become the most wanted woman on both sides of the law and the border between the U.S and Mexico.</


Santa Diabla centers on a dramatic twist of fate that leads Santa Martinez to live the worst of nightmares—the loss of her husband, following an obsessed woman’s terrible plot to destroy him. Santa is driven to devise a plan for the “perfect” revenge. The flaw in her plan will arise when she realizes that love is, once again, knocking on her door. That is when she will have to choose whether to sacrifice love for the revenge she fought to have.
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