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Rob Wilson Talks About His Role as Pete Cortlandt on 'All My Children'


Rob Wilson
Jason Kempin / Staff / Getty Images

All My Children found a hottie when they cast Rob Wilson as tech wiz Pete "Petey" Cortlandt.

The Boston-born Wilson entered TV history in 2012 when he won The Price is Right's first-ever male model search.

But Wilson also has acting credits on his resume. He has appeared in the feature films Bride Wars, Surrogates, Friends with Benefits, and The Social Network. He has also co-starred in episodes of the television series The Secret Life of the American Teenager and The Middle.

In addition, Wilson has guest-starred as Colin Kirk in Supah Ninjas, and appeared in episodes of Entourage, Melissa and Joey, Greek, Suite Life: On Deck " and Make It or Break It.

Here is what he has to say about joining the cast of All My Children:

Were you prepared for the level of fan interaction coming into the show?

I had no idea. I worked on other shows and I've had people write to me about it, but I had no idea what it was like with the soap world until now. I've only done a couple episodes on another soap in my life and it was just recently. [To be] one of the series regulars on one now, to be a part of that family and really go along for the entire ride start to finish has just been amazing. I appreciate all of it. I enjoy every bit of it, so, hopefully, everything just continues and we keep moving forward.

You shot the first couple of episodes and then you ceded the studio to One Life to Live. Have you noticed a difference in the smoothness of the production now that some of the kinks were worked out over that hiatus?

Taking a break when you're playing a character is a little different [than a regular job] because once you get going, kind of get in the flow, things start to gel. Some of the veterans who had to walk away from the show for over a year came back, and they've done amazing. So for me, it's all been a learning curve, but I'm learning so much every single day, and no matter who I'm working with, it's just been really inspiring to watch them. So even with the hiatus, being able to come back to work, it's starting to calm down, everything's starting to get more fun, and I'm not so much in my head.

Some days we don't have a ton of stuff and other days each one of us is doing 40 or 50 pages. You have to make sure you're in the moment, and you don't want to miss any of those moments, because that's what makes the show so fun and watchable. So even with the hiatus, I feel like it's coming together better and better.

What is great about the new All My Children is the incredible pace of the story. Stuff is jammed-packed in each episode, don't you agree?

I am glad you brought that up. The main point of this is each episode is so meaty in 30 minutes that if you miss one episode, you're pretty lost. If you miss two episodes, you don't even know what happened. So we need to have viewers be hooked on watching each of the shows and not skip around to really be able to follow the entire storyline.

We've seen that Pete can be pretty cocky and he almost seems to be treating this whole Celia's guardian as something of a game. This guy seems like he could be pretty sinister, do you think he might be getting in over his head?

Pete's along for the ride. We're not sure about the guardian; he doesn't know everything about it. It's still really left in the dark for him. So he's just caught up in the notion of falling in love and trying to win this girl over. He finds his goal and he drives right at it, whether it's business oriented, or girl oriented. He doesn't want to get sidetracked by that, you know? So in that aspect, I think it's still left in the dark as to exactly who this guardian is. But I can guarantee you on the episodes to come, there's going to be a lot of light shined on that.

He's pretty driven. Do you think if it comes to a confrontation between the two, he has what it takes to go head-to-head with him?

Absolutely, it's something as an actor I would love. The challenge is what makes it even more fun to play. But Celia gives me plenty of a challenge on her own. So it's a no-brainer. I'm going to keep on keeping on, as they say, because I've been jumping through hoops for her from the get-go.

What is it about Celia that Pete finds so interesting?

I think it just ties into what everybody finds interesting. I think the mystery of somebody… something that drives your passion to find out more about somebody. Not knowing everything and having something that not all girls have. And I think with Celia she has so much that's unknown and that intrigues Pete.

But Pete, he's such a businessman that he loves a challenge, and he loves to have that winning attitude. With Celia that is so difficult for him and it intrigues him so much, it keeps him going. It is the thrill of the chase.

What has been the most challenging thing that you have experienced since joining All My Children?

There's always going to be questions that arise, and with good directors and the support we have around us, they've helped me get myself to where I need to be. If I make a wrong choice before we film, they will get me on the right track. There's so many storylines and so much history that I'm trying to get up to speed on to get the stories the way they should be and the way they were written to be.

But my biggest challenge is also one of my favorite things, which is just the workload. Pete has had some heavy, heavy days. I've learned to study as much as I can, rehearse myself as much as I can, and then just kind of let it go.

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